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Who appoints committees in the Golden Lakes Village Homeowner Assn. ?

The below section of the Bylaws of the Golden Lakes Homeowner Association, obtained from the county Clerk’s office, appears to state that committees in the HOA must be appointed by the Board of Directors.  There may have been a custom in other years that only the President appoints committees. If so, the President may have exercised powers that belong to the HOA Board as a whole.

There is a separate set of BYLAWS and ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION for the HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION and for the VILLAGE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION. They may not have identical provisions, so readers must decide which organization they are studying in order to be sure they are viewing the proper set of bylaws, articles, etc.

Golden Lakes residents wanting to learn more about how the community is managed and operated need to become well acquainted with all these official documents, which form sort of the “constitution” or ‘bill of rights” of residents.

It is always important to determine if a version of these documents you are studying are the right ones to look at.  Only documents that have actually been properly adopted and properly recorded at the county Clerk’s office are generally of legal effect. Otherwise, they are of no legal effect as a matter of law.

To view a complete copy of the apparently current Bylaws of the HOA, please CLICK HERE.

HOA Bylaw Section - HOA Board Must Appoint Committees; Not the President ?