News, Info, and Photos from Friends of Golden Lakes Village

Credible reports are that Guy Watson,  an executine in the Phase A, and President of the Golden Lakes Computer and Technology Club,  will resin his roles and appreciated residency in Phase A to move north. 

Phase A has a respected new,  widely association president,  and new President for the Computer and Technology Club.  Lenore Stein,  who has been a valuedvice president of the club and frequent publisher in Phase A’s newspaper,  the ” Village Talk,” will resign her position in the club to invest more of her time and talents in other organizations of Phase A that she also contributed much to for years. 

The club focuses on lectures,  demonstrations and individual training of Phases A and B residents on use and combination of fascinating technologies,  including APPLE IPADS AND IPHONES,  ANDROID AND WINDOWS COMPUTERS,  TABLETS and smartphones,  smart TVs and other emerging products. 

Classes by resident James Cook,   and other talented residents,  include security,  medical apps,  financial programs,  and buying tips.