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Legislator Contact INFO

Quick Contact Info for Florida Legislators

(Applies to Golden Lakes Village Area – Zip – 33411)

Florida residents need a quick way to contact their legislators for their locality a few times per year when proposed new changes to laws are being considered. These laws reshape the life of condominium and HOA associations, and many other issues.

If you want to support or oppose any proposed bill or law, and need contact info for the senators and represenatives for your Florida zip code or locality,  you can instantly get a list of YOUR legislators for YOUR AREA, including their names, phone numbers, email addresses, legislative interests, bills, and more if you


After clicking this above link, you simply type in your address and zipcode to the form, and a list of legislators for your address –  and their contact details –  will be promptly displayed.  See photo of the form below:


Sending an Email or making a phone call to your legislator on condo or other issues often makes a difference on the future of proposed law changes!

You can track bills, look up maps of districts each legislator represents, and much more via links and buttons at the top of the website.

For example, to lookup and read the text of proposed bills, CLICK HERE.

To read the most recent comments by the law firm of Becker & Poliakoff on legislation affecting community associations, CLICK HERE.

To read the most recent comments by Donna DiMaggio Berger of the Katzman, Garfinkel & Berger law firm on legislation affecting community associations, CLICK HERE.

Watch LIVE, TV LIKE video broadcasts of your legislators discussing bills and matters by CLICKING HERE.

Below is a sample of what you would see in March, 2011 if you lookup up legislators for zipcode 33411.

Legislators for ZipCode 33411 as of March 2011