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$$$ Board Meeting Wed 9:30

Important Board Meeting Wed 9:30 am – Phase B Clubhouse Library Room

Major clubhouse changes costing possibly tens of thousands of dollars are mentioned on the HOA Board meeting notice posted near the clubhouse office and a few other places.

Voting to approve these significant clubhouse renovations and upgrades may occur Wednesday morning.


The posted Notice of Meeting appears to say that the HOA Board directors will limit ALL discussion to a TOTAL of 10 minutes to speed up the meeting decisions.

Residents interested in observing the Clubhouse upgrade expense decision & voting process should surely attend!  

Tennis court renovations,  floor tile upgrades and more will be discussed briefly.

Owners are permitted by Florida law to make video and audio recordings of Board meetings.

Note:  The new audio and video surveillance equipment is installed in clubhouse/office ceiling areas now.  

A notice sign of this recording of visitors in the hallway of the office is on a clubhouse wall at office.

**The devices’ recording range,  uses, locations, and privacy effects are generally unknown to visitors in that area for now.