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Opening For New Director Golden Lakes Village, Phase B

Now,  June, 2015, an important new seat for a Director at Large for Village Condominium  has opened on the Board in Golden Lakes Village,  Phase B!

To Do:  Submit Letter of Intent

(Your brief letter to office of Village Condo. Assoc. Stating intention to participate in election for Director at Large)

This “Director at Large” title generally means that the scope of your concerns as director includes the wellbeing of not one but all 15 Condo zones of Phase B, the “big picture. ”

By simply submitting your name as an interested candidate with brief bio, your voice and valuable ideas and votes may be shared directly with fellow members of the Board of Directors in “Phase B” Board meetings. 

Be on the insider track for early  information and upcoming votes & decisions likely to affect your community!  This position offers the chance for you to directly improve it all. 

The included copy of a poster Notice of this opening was just posted in the clubhouse. 

You would be voting as one of approximately 20 directors on the Board. 

If you are away from the community,  you may still vote and hear meetings from anywhere you travel over the Internet, such as by Skype or conference call. 


Please learn the simple steps to qualify.

By:  James Cook
         Prior Director Village & HOA



Election Season in Golden Lakes Village is Near. Submit Letter of Intent to Run Early Or Elections Are Not Required To Occur

Submit A Letter of Your Intent To Run For Board Soon Or No Elections Process Is Required In Golden Lakes Village

Do you want to see a fresh slate of new candidates run for potential seats on the Board of Directorss in Golden Lakes Village, Phase B?  Unless a minimum number of candidates at least send in a Letter of Intent to Run, no Elections are required to happen !!

You can assure that fresh elections with the best directors will at least occur by submitting your own Letter of Intent to Run For a Board Seat At Village Condominium Association or the Golden Lakes Home Owners Association which primarily manages affairs around the Phase B clubhouse. In fact, consider inviting a few freinds to submit their Letters of Intent to Run so that elections will be required, and there is a chance to review the prior year’s Board performance and meet possible new directors. The deadline for submitting Letters will occur soon !

Keeping the finances, maintenance and affairs of our community at their best requires a caring and competent Board of Directors. By assuring that this year’s elections are required, which is so easy to do via Letters from candidates, you and your neighbors can help assure that a review of the past year Board management occurs in open meetings and that possible new residents talented in business or other skills may join the Board. Please actively assure the community has a fresh and open review through an elections open meeting process. Your letters are important!